How Long Will This Pandemic Last
Is There Hope That This Pandemic Will Die Out (CoronaVirus)
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Part 7: Is There Hope That This Pandemic Will Die Out

I think the question that many people are asking is how long will this pandemic last what is the duration of the viral load and the patient is there any hope that this pandemic will die out and I think it's very important for us as scientists to explain what we know they explain what we don't know.

At this point, I don't think we really understand who knows how long this pandemic will last it could be months many months one of the earliest reports is the duration of this viral load in an infected patient last in the range of 35 to 37 to the 8 days where the patient can actually reinfect it said himself I think it's not quite clear yet I think the hope that this pandemic will die out I'm sure with the work of the community of scientists now we will find a way to prevent the regeneration of this particular virus and I'm convinced that with all the community of scientists working on this disease a vaccine will be found.

Can I get SARS-COV-2 from my pets

But I think it's also important to dispel some myths the question is to come up as can I get SARS virus from my pets again it's an unanswered question because there's now just been a recent report of an infected dog from Hong Kong but the question is could that pet reinfect humans there's no evidence today yet that it's transmitted from pets to humans it's a human to human contact and these are the kinds of information that we will be able to say to you we don't know.

Can I get SARS-COV-2 from my pets
As important I think it's important for us not to enter into conversations such as xenophobia this is a pandemic that affects the world this is a pandemic where the entire world working together can overcome it the Chinese one started there this now is across the entire planet and the Chinese have put out very important scientific and clinical information and so their concept now of xenophobia is one of the most destructive things.

I think we can do as it relates to public health and the opportunity for scientists to work together with the public-private relationship the ability of governments to work together with village with the for the community to work together is so critical for us to beat this disease I'm confident we will do that I'm confident the science of today will enable us to do that.

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