A new trend for Apple in the smart phone market
A new trend for Apple in the smart phone market

Technical reports linked to the American company, Apple, revealed a trend that the giant company pursues in its plans and production lines for its new phones, from the iPhone series, which is the trend for larger devices and gradually giving up small-sized devices.

And the company Apple believes that one of the most important reasons for giving up small phones is the large returns achieved by the larger phones, at a time when Apple focuses on the content and services that require larger screens, knowing that the modern developments and features are not suitable for smaller phones.

The technical reports indicate that the most important reasons for moving towards big phones are that the consumer is in line with the huge boom in prices, which sometimes reached 3 times the price of the phone in the past, but the purchases and demand for large phones are constantly increasing and achieving huge sales.

A new trend for Apple in the smart phone market

Technical reports indicate that Apple is seeing a slowdown in the growth of smartphone sales, given that the market has become saturated, and that consumers are moving away from updating their phones for various reasons as well, making the returns of low-cost smartphone sales more negative than in the past.

And Apple needs to sell more expensive phones than before to compensate for the decline in sales in general, and it makes sense that small phones are sold at a lower price because they contain less expensive materials and components, and if the company cannot sell small phones at a huge margin, the competitor will be able to break this The price is with a similar phone.

In recent years, Apple has gone to try to avoid its significant losses in phone sales in general, by entering into major new production areas for consuming content not only for short videos but for long sessions, such as games (Arcade) or software (Apple TV Plus), which means This makes sense for devices with larger screens, as it is not fun to watch a movie on a 4-inch screen, especially if the screen is not of OLED type and does not support HDR.

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