After an official celebration of his achievement.. an Algerian engineer accused of stealing Corona's application
an Algerian engineer accused of stealing Corona's application

A telecommunications and software development company in Algeria has accused an engineer working for the Ministry of Health of stealing the creation of the COVID-DZ application after it was shown to the country's president Abdelmajid Taboun and celebrating it on official television.

The local company, Spider Net Work, called for reconsideration of it, after Muhammad Lutfi Makhnash stole the effort of her technical team, according to a statement criticizing parties seeking to present the engineer to the president of the country as an innovative application.

The director, Youssef Belhani, confirmed that his company has installed the digital platform for the Ministry of Health since 2012, then developed and made adjustments to it concerning the updating of daily data on the situation of the spread of the Coronavirus emerging in the country.

Belhani stressed that the original floor contained plans to manage human resources and hospital stocks of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, then real-time data on patients entering government hospitals.

He added that the governmental committee to monitor and follow up the Corona epidemic, used engineer Lutfi Makhnash to assist him in drawing data that comes via the updated digital platform, and its origin (R, Ash, Health DZ), then he claimed that he has exclusive ownership of the new application (COVID.DZ).

He stressed that he will not be allowed to steal from him the effort and effort of the team that he worked with since 2012 until now, as we worked to install and develop this platform and work on training and qualifying its users through all the related hospital centers.

He considered that what Engineer Lutfi Mukhnash has done is nothing more than a mere transfer of data, which the pre-installed platform collects into data for presentation to journalists and government officials, and that Engineer Lutfi Mukhnash is an outsider of the project.

The company concerned threatened to correspond with the Algerian president and, if necessary, prosecute the engineer who was congratulated by Abdel Majid Taboun for the achievement that he described as qualitative innovation, and he received wide government praise, which made him top the front of local events.

Software engineer Lutfi Mukhnashh has been sticking to the ingenuity of the controversial invention, and advocating for his ability to innovate further in the days to come.

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