America's intelligence reveals: China misled the world about the danger of Corona
China misled the world about the danger of Corona

In a report, US intelligence revealed that China misled the world because it did not show many facts regarding the Coronavirus, which exacerbated the disease and turned it into a global epidemic.

According to the report published by Fox News of the United States that, with the leap of coronavirus cases in recent days, China has misled the world by reducing reports of patient numbers and deaths, according to three US intelligence officials.

Deceptive record

The report quoted three US intelligence officers as saying they alerted the White House last week that Beijing's numbers on the virus are misleading, and two sources described them as superficial and imaginary. The report adds that while there are skeptics, China's decision to reduce its numbers may have deadly consequences for the rest of the world.

Deborah Perks, a State Department official who advises the White House on his response to "COVID-19," said China's misleading figures influenced assumptions in other countries about the nature of the infection.

Italy and Spain most affected

This was dangerous, but smaller than expected because I think we may have lost a large amount of data, and now we see the results of this misinformation reflected in Italy and Spain, she added.

Italy and Spain most affected

Since the beginning of the epidemic, China has been accused of covering up the virus. It arrested critics, doctors and whistleblowers who tried to sound the alarm.

It has tried to restart its economy, has sold supplies to countries that have been hit hard and are struggling to contain the virus within its borders.

The only thing better than playing the victim is showing themselves as heroes, Greg Barbaccia, an expert on anti-spyware and internal threat, told Fox News, adding that China was exploiting and exploiting the current economic landscape to its advantage in light of Italy and Iran’s conflict with the virus.

The report added that China has not only advertised the country's success in taming COVID-19, but also pledged millions of dollars to the World Health Organization, and in return has received success accolades for its efforts.

A report released on Wednesday by the United Nations praised China for its participation in anti-COVID 19 efforts. What was not highlighted is that Chinese officials did not report the first case of the coronavirus until they were forced to do so. The documents later revealed that China was aware of the virus’s dangers two months before it was reported. If China were straightforward, COVID-19 would have been contained.

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