Apple and Google are developing a technology that warns you if you approach Corona patients
Apple and Google are developing a technology that warns you if you approach Corona patients

Apple and Google said Friday that they will work together to create a new technology to track contacts to slow the spread of the new coronary virus (COVID-19), by allowing users to choose a system that indexes other phones they were close to.

The two American companies, which dominate the Android and iOS smart phone market, have indicated that they will work together on a technology that will allow mobile devices to exchange information via Bluetooth communications to alert people when they are close to someone who has been infected with the virus (Covid-19).


Google and Apple said: The technology will be available first in mid-May as software tools available for communication tracking applications provided by public health authorities.

However, the two companies also plan to integrate tracking technology directly into Android and iOS systems in the coming months so that users do not have to download any applications that warn them when approaching HIV-infected.

The two companies explained that the technology will not track the location or identity of users, but instead will only capture data when the users' phones are close to each other, with the process of decoding data on the user's phone instead of the servers of the two companies.


The move comes at a time when governments around the world are striving to develop or evaluate programs aimed at improving communication tracking that usually requires labor, as health officials go to the last contacts of a person with HIV, and asks them to adhere to self-quarantine, or take Test.

Many health technology experts said: The cooperation of Apple and Google will be a tremendous boost to their efforts, at a time when contact tracking applications launched by MIT and others are having trouble working across competing for operating systems.

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