Cooking black cats in Vietnam to treat Corona
Cooking black cats in Vietnam to treat "Corona"

Black cats are being killed and cooked in Vietnam, after fake news claiming that their meat can treat people with the emerging coronavirus Covid-19.

The charity No Meat Dogs charity told the newspaper The Sun, that the cats are killed, and then boiled and skinned and cooked and then turned into a paste to be eaten. The disturbing images show liquid traces of killing the cats and then fill them in containers for sale.

The charity also told the newspaper: This practice appears in the capital, Hanoi, but they also sell it online.

In a video obtained by the charity, a live cat was placed in the cooking pot, then boiling water was poured over it.

In another shocking clip, rows of dead cats were seen drying in the sun after their slaughter.

A cat-based treatment was performed by grinding cooked animals and then turning them into putty and then presenting them to those infected with the emerging coronavirus, allegedly for treatment.

For her part, Julia de Cadenet, who founded the charity campaigning to stop the trade in dog and cat meat, told the British newspaper The Sun that the shots had made their blood cool.

I know that people all over the world are understandably frightened by the emerging coronavirus (COVID 19), but this does not justify the horrific cruelty of the Vietnamese people with these poor cats, Cadenet said.

And she continued: There is absolutely no evidence that eating cats cures the coronavirus, and even if there is, this inhuman treatment is an unacceptable level of cruelty even for those who eat meat.

In China, when the coronavirus spread and rumors spread that pets could spread the disease, many people and authorities collected and killed animals.

Although other countries are looking to limit the sale and consumption of live animals, doctors in Vietnam encourage many to eat dog and cat meat, claiming that its properties help to combat the coronavirus.

The shocking investigation of the Four Bowes Animal Charity Foundation revealed that not only did sales increase, but market sellers introduced cat meat to food delivery applications as a ready-to-eat option, and this appalling trade has emerged due to fears of the Covid-19 epidemic.

On the other hand, doctors are promoting the consumption of dog meat because it is seen as natural, without chemicals and safe to eat.

As one of the vendors in Cambodia said: Those who believe in her community that dog meat is good for health and helps ward off viral diseases has led to outbreaks of cholera, trichinella and rabies.

Julia has warned both the British government and the United Nations many times that unhealthy meat production, such as the trade-in dog and cat meat, could cause a global health crisis.

Recently, China banned the eating of wild animals such as dogs and cats and officially recognized them as pets, not as food, but there is more to be done throughout Asia.

In Vietnam and Indonesia, the practice of eating dogs, cats and exotic wildlife is still widespread.

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