Dutch Hyperloop plan to travel from Paris to Amsterdam in 90 minutes

There are some discussions that suggest setting up a Hyperloop network to transport travelers from Amsterdam to Paris in less than 90 minutes, after a study says that a high-tech connection can be economically feasible.

On the details of the proposed mode of transportation, it is possible to travel in an elegant capsule, which is pushed using a low-pressure steel tube, at a speed of more than 600 mph.

For airlines and faster than high-speed trains today, as some consider this means of transportation will be the future of travel across countries and different continents.

Earlier this month, the Dutch start-up company, Hardt Hyperloop announced the results of a study, which was carried out in cooperation with the province of North Holland, which examined the idea of ​​experimental travel.

On the European level, the report showed that the Hyperloop network will greatly shorten travel times between European cities.

The study suggested that better connecting the Greater Amsterdam area with other European hubs would facilitate professional travel and enhance the economic value of the province.

The report says that the Hyperloop network can carry 200,000 passengers per hour, in each direction. Passengers can also reach Paris within 90 minutes, less than half the time the trains take.

The study indicates that the journey from Amsterdam to Brussels will take less than an hour via the Hyperloop network.

This investigation is the next stage in the major Hardt Hyperloop plan, after opening a test facility in June 2019.

The report's findings may suggest the successful establishment of the Hyperloop network, but questions remain about the plan's viability. For example, there are some concerns about whether the capsules are suitable for all ages and how easy they are to evacuate in an emergency.

Nevertheless, Girion Olthof, deputy for mobility in the North of the Netherlands, said that the recent study had aroused his interest, considering that its results were promising.

He said in a statement: We will participate in discussions with other authorities to make progress in this research.

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