The English Premier League prevents TV channels from inquiring about the season's resumption
The English Premier League prevents TV channels from inquiring about the season's resumption

The Sky Sports TV channel has been subject to Premier League demands not to ask Chelsea manager Frank Lampard about the resumption of the season.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported that the association prevented the two television broadcasters "Sky Sports" and BT Sport from asking questions about the future of the current season or the impact of the stoppage on the players.

On Monday morning, Sky Sports spoke to Lampard on her new program, "Live: The Football Show", but she made sure that the Chelsea manager was not asked about these questions.
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Instead, she asked questions about the difficulty of stopping due to the Corona pandemic, and the impressive appearance of Billy Gilmore.

Sky Sports adhered to the Premier League demands after warning that there would be penalties if they did not abide by the rules.

The League League told Sky Sports, which paid 1.19 billion pounds for the right to broadcast matches this season, and BT, which paid 325 million pounds, that they would not be able to interview coaches and players if the association's guidelines were not followed, despite the absence of Matches to appear during the closing.

All clubs agreed to provide an interview with their coach, every four weeks, and a player every two weeks, since broadcasters are in urgent need to provide content to participants with the freezing of the sports schedule.

However, all questions regarding the league's layoff and resumption and its effect on players have been banned.

Sky's management continues to ask questions considered off-limits, including talking about the season's champion, whether the season should be completed without an audience, salary cuts and even the implications of Liverpool's bid to win its first title in 30 years.

And Sky Sports is the longest and most widespread broadcasting partner in the English Premier League, and has paid 3.57 billion pounds for its three-year rights package, more than a third of the total global deal.

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There are over 370 million pounds sterling that the company paid for broadcasting matches on the air that it still has to broadcast this season, which has led to fears that they will demand the refund of the money they paid in the event of canceling the season.

But the terms of the Premier League League on the station with regard to hosting and questions indicate that clubs should be confident that the opponent can be avoided from their dues.

Sky is in dire need of material more than its competitor, local rights firm BT Sport, because it also runs the 24-hour Sky Sports news channel.

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