The New York Times: Corona strikes 150 members of the Saudi royal family and King Salman isolates himself on an island on the Red Sea

According to information obtained, the Coronavirus has infected dozens of members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper reported that King Salman and his crown prince, Prince Muhammad, isolated themselves in two separate locations on the Red Sea coast, for fear of catching the infection.

In its report, the newspaper added that the Prince of Riyadh, Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, is currently in intensive care, six weeks after the announcement of the first injury in the Kingdom.

The newspaper reported that about 150 princesses and princesses of the extended royal family had been afflicted by the epidemic, that the doctors at the King Faisal Hospital in which members of the ruling family were being treated were placed on alert, and were asked to prepare to receive dignitaries.

According to an email sent by the hospital administration to its workers, the New York Times said it had seen it, The hospital is preparing about 500 beds, and its workers have been asked to evacuate patients, as soon as possible, to allow the treatment of members of the ruling family.

The report adds that the administration of King Faisal Specialist Hospital, in Riyadh, said in the message, which I sent to the senior doctors, on Tuesday evening, We must be prepared for the arrival of important personalities from different parts of the kingdom ... We do not know the number of cases that may reach us but we must raise a case Be prepared, and all chronic cases must be transferred as soon as possible and stop receiving new cases, except for very critical cases.

The newspaper report added that King Salman, who is 84 years old, isolated himself in a palace on one of the islands on the Red Sea coast, near the city of Jeddah, while his crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, aged 34, withdrew with A number of its properties and consultants are located to a remote site on the same coast, but near the declared site of the tourist city of Neum, which he pledged to build.

The report stated that King Salman delivered a speech on combating the epidemic in the country, last month, by videoconference from his isolated residence.

The newspaper pointed out that the injury of this number of members of the Saudi royal family, the injury of the British Prime Minister and the death of a number of senior Iranian officials due to the Corona pandemic proves that the virus does not differentiate between the public and officials, as it afflicts the richest princes and the poorest migrant workers without discrimination, at least until this moment. That they are infected with.

The report considered that this number of infections among members of the Al Saud family explains the reason behind the rapid and widespread response in the Kingdom to the epidemic. The report cited this as Saudi Arabia rushed to close the country and prevent worshipers and pilgrims from reaching Mecca and Medina, the holiest site for Muslims in the world, before the kingdom announced the registration of the first injury on its soil on the second of last March.

The newspaper pointed out that the Kingdom has now canceled all flights, cut off the way to enter or leave the country, and announced a total closure of its largest cities throughout the day.

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