The Science Behinde The Coronavirus
Introduction: Understanding the coronavirus

Introduction: Understanding the coronavirus

I'm here today to present to you the signs behind the coronavirus I really think it's really important for us to present some of the signs because it's very clear to me that there's a lot of fear out there and what adds to the sphere is confusion but if we could present the science and really try and understand not only how does this coronavirus work how does it infect the body what does it do and how we can actually attack it.

We have an opportunity to really provide some peace of mind some level of control in the hands, not of every individual but the entire community I'm really excited by the fact that this coronavirus has attacked us in 2003 and we have the benefit of that insight in scientific knowledge but we also today have tools that we didn't have then we have more genomics we have more bioinformatics we have supercomputing and together with those tools I think we have a real shot at not only defeating this virus but overcoming this pandemic.

So in order for me to take you through this complex story of this coronavirus today we will talk about:

How do we understand this virushow does the virus infect your body and more importantly explain the symptoms that associated with this infection and what can we do to control and prevent its spread and excitingly what is on the horizon that the entire world scientists as a community are working together to cure this infection and preventing us from getting this in the first place there are some questions we won't be able to fully answer yet is how long is this pandemic will this pandemic last.I think it's important that this one-hour special we'll have a separate little maybe a slightly different lens while the world is working on very significantly on how to kill the virus we want to take this lens of what does as far as do to your body ie the host and how can we prevent it getting into your body into the cells how can we actually treat the host or the patient prevented becoming a severe fatal disease so while in the one hand we were working hard to develop a vaccine and I think it's important and realistically important first identify a treatment now for those that are severely ill.

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