Trump may face criminal charges over Corona victims
Trump may face criminal charges over Corona victims

The magazine ridiculed Trump's statements and tweets that the death rate from coronavirus infection will decrease in two days to zero and then disappear completely.

The American magazine Newsweek saw that President Donald Trump may face criminal charges because of his wrong way of dealing with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which led to the infection of a large number of Americans with the emerging virus and the death of thousands of them.

The magazine pointed out in a report published on Friday that by the middle of this month, the proportion of people living with HIV in the United States reached about 30% of the total number of infections in the world, and 19% of the total number of deaths, despite the fact that its population of about 330 million people constituted about 4.2% Of the world's total population, pointing out that the outbreak in 12 other countries has begun to slow, while China is gradually returning to normal life.

The magazine believed that the United States would have suffered much fewer injuries and deaths and less economic damage if the US administration was better prepared to face the epidemic, saying that that administration should be ashamed of South Korea's performance.

The report pointed out that while China sent aid to more than 50 countries to deal with the epidemic, the United States was suffering and requesting assistance from other countries despite Trump bragging several times that the country has sufficient equipment, the magazine said.

She noted that Trump had ignored many warnings in the past that his intention to reduce medical and health expenditures would significantly affect the ability of the authorities to deal with epidemics, noting his decision to reduce the financial allocations to the Ministry of Health and Human Services, the CDC and the Federal Emergency Fund in the 2019 budget.

The report said that Trump has not learned a lesson from his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, in coordinating international efforts and their success in combating the Ebola epidemic, adding that Obama has sent more than 10,000 health workers to West African countries to provide assistance to hospitals and medical centers and train health center workers. It resulted in a reduction in the incidence of about 80%.

The magazine ridiculed Trump's repeated statements and tweets that the death rate from coronavirus infection will decrease in two days and reach zero and then disappear completely and that the United States is about to produce a vaccine, while the White House director of medical services confirmed that Reaching this vaccine may take a year and a half.

In her report, she said: Trump's erroneous statements and his disdain for the epidemic were the reason that Americans did not take sufficient care and caution, which caused more injuries and deaths.

She added: According to American law, crimes resulting from negligence include unintentional killing because of negligence and the knowledge of the person that his actions pose a threat to people's lives ... and that acts, irresponsible actions or failure to perform duty can constitute a crime.

The question now is whether Trump's irresponsible actions, inaction, and unethical actions are in this direction ... To get the answer, we have to ask the families of more than 28,000 Americans who died as a result of coronavirus infection and those who will be eradicated by the virus.

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