Trump to the Americans: prepare for black days in the next two weeks
donald trump prepare for black days in the next two weeks

US President Donald Trump warned on Tuesday that the us would undergo two "very, very painful" weeks within the fight against the emerging and continuing Coronavirus, claiming increasing numbers of victims in his country and therefore the world at large.

Expectations of 120,000 deaths

Moreover, Trump said during his daily news conference at the White House on developments within the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, adding that now there are about 120,000 deaths.

He explained that what the US administration has done is what reduced the expected numbers of deaths, stressing that the us lives in its worst conditions due to Corona.

Banning countries

He revealed that the administration is considering banning some countries when they become hotspots.

The US President called on citizens and companies to sacrifice for the sake of the United States, explaining that state governors make decisions according to the circumstances of each state, praising what New York has done in the face of the virus.

Trump announced that drugs are being tested, but he stressed that it is too early to determine whether or not it works, pointing out that chloroquine may succeed in tests to treat corona.

Extension of procedures

"There was no option but to close the country to protect citizens," Trump said, adding that he had previously announced that the administration would extend these measures until late April.

He expressed the hope that the current measures will be sufficient, pointing out that it was expected that the death of about two million people if we did not take extraordinary measures.

He announced that the treasury will help small companies, provided they pay the salaries of their employees, explaining that $ 52 billion will be provided in loans to small companies.

The US President confirmed that Saudi Arabia and Russia are taking strong measures in the face of the Coronavirus.

Oil Prices

The US President indicated that he had spoken to Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin about oil prices.

For his part, Vice President Mike Pence said that every American must abide by the procedures within the next 30 days.

According to White House estimates, COVID-19 would die in the United States of between 100,000 to 240,000 people if everyone complied with the restrictions currently imposed to contain the epidemic, compared to between 1.5 million to 2.2 million people who would have died had it not been imposed. No restrictions.

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