Various theories surround North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un
Various theories surround North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un

Reports have recently circulated about the reasons for the disappearance of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, from the public eye, and amid the silence of the hermit state government, multiple sources have suggested that he either died or suffers from a major health problem, and there are various theories that indicate possible reasons for his alleged health deficiency.

Heart surgery

A preliminary report issued by the British newspaper The Guardian indicated that China has sent a medical team to North Korea to advise on the leader's health condition, and the newspaper quoted Japanese sources that the leader collapsed during a visit to the countryside in early April, and he needed heart surgery, Which is believed to have failed and left him in a coma.

Missile hit

Since then, other theories have emerged that suggest that the leader might be wounded in a missile test, as a North Korean defector claimed that this may explain Kim Jong Un's mysterious absence from sight, and his absence from attending the birth of his grandfather, North Korea's founder, Kim Il Sung, according to the newspaper. Daily Mail.

In an article in the South Korean newspaper Dong-a Ilbo, Lee Jeong, who was an official in the Labor Party before defecting to the United States, suggested that the disappeared leader had been in good health until April 15, citing the country's conduct of a missile test, He must have received approval, but he is believed to have been injured during the test.

He explained, Kim was not mentioned in the test reports, and unusually, footage of the missile launches and the training of fighter planes was not published, which indicates the possibility of an unexpected accident that may have been caused by a wreck or fire.

Kim ruled out allegations that the leader was brain dead and undergoing treatment at a hospital in Myohaing Mountain after a failed heart surgery, noting that it was unlikely that it was true because Kim's doctors were in Pyongyang, the capital.


For its part, the International Business Times reviewed another theory indicating that Kim had missed the anniversary celebrations, and he was out of the limelight due to fears of developing the new coronavirus.

Amid conflicting theories about the health of the 36-year-old leader, a South Korean newspaper, Jung Ang, revealed that Kim had refused to attend the April 15 event, after one of his bodyguards was suspected to have Covid-19.

The South Korean report alleges that Kim missed the event because of a problem within the leadership of the guards responsible for guarding the North Korean leader. This would have exposed the dictator and those around him and his bodyguards to the deadly virus.

The Dong-a Ilbo newspaper quoted an unnamed US official as saying that Kim had left Pyongyang to a resort in the coastal city of Wansan to avoid the virus after infected some of his close aides in Corona.

And it is likely that this matter has remained secret until now, because recognition of it will contradict North Korea's insistence that there are no cases of coronavirus across the country, a claim rejected by the international community.

Shot dead

And the American newspaper The National Interest discussed the theory that the leader died as a result of the shooting of his sister, Kim Yoo Jung until he got rid of him and assumed power.

The newspaper sources said that Kim Yu-jung had shot the leader after he was diagnosed with the emerging coronavirus and that she was waiting for the appropriate time to announce his death and take over the reins.

It is reported that Kim Yu Jung has graduated from a military university bearing the name of her grandfather, and for years she was raised in the ranks of power in the country’s government, until she became the arm of her brother right in recent years.

Good to go

Although North Korea has not released any recent photos of the leader to confirm he is okay, it issued a statement from Kim Jong Un to construction workers, in a clear attempt to prove that he did not die amid ongoing rumors about his health.

Kim reportedly sent a thank-you message to the construction workers working at the Wansan Coastal Resort, Kim's armored private train site, but it is not yet clear whether Kim actually sent the statement or not, especially as the government media did not release new photos of him.

South Korean intelligence said it was sure Kim was alive and well, but that US officials were continuing to investigate.

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