What is the story of the execution of chicks that ended with the intervention of Iranian intelligence?
What is the story of the execution of chicks that ended with the intervention of Iranian intelligence?

Iranian media reported, on Sunday, that President Hassan Rouhani, Minister of Intelligence, commissioned Mahmoud Alwi to interfere in the environmental crisis in the country recently after a number of bird farms executed large numbers of chicks, chicks.

Details of the story

The story goes back to the publication of a number of environmental activists in Iran during the past days through the communication sites information indicating the involvement of a number of owners of bird farms in executing large numbers of chicks and birds and burying some of them alive under the pretext of the economic crisis.

Officials of the municipality of the Iranian capital, Tehran, confirmed the correctness of the execution of some birds farm owners for chicks, which prompted the director of the Department of Environmental Protection in Tehran, Saeed Mahmoudi, to denounce this act, saying that what some farm owners do is an inhumane and unscientific work, noting Notify all units producing chicks in Tehran to deal with such an act strongly.

Mahmoudi also mentioned in statements carried by the Iranian Student News Agency ISNA that in addition to the inhumane work in the process of culling chicks, this can also cause many dangers to the environment as the issue of disposal of these birds must be dealt with in certain veterinary ways.

For his part, Director of the Chicks Producers Association in Iran, Mohammad Reza Siddiq Pour, explained that some farm owners' execution of chicks comes as a result of the many economic problems facing the bird sector in recent months, most notably the decline in the prices of chickens and live chicks, which caused traders huge losses.

Intelligence intervention

As a result of the outrage expressed by many citizens and environmental activists in Iran on the communication sites, the President, Hassan Rouhani, instructed the Minister of Intelligence, Mahmoud Alwi, to intervene in the crisis of the execution of chicks and investigate the incident.

Rouhani told the Iranian Intelligence Minister at a cabinet session on Sunday to quickly investigate the illegal and immoral act of executing the chicks almost daily and prosecuting those involved in this matter. According to a report of the local Tasnim news agency.

Iran has witnessed unprecedented economic crises since the return of international sanctions, which led to a decline in the value of the local currency and instability of commodity prices in the markets, while these crises escalated in light of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in the country.

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