Ajax star awaits Catalan offer.. Zidane is heading to reject Paris Saint-Germain star
Ajax star awaits Catalan offer.. Zidane is heading to reject Paris Saint-Germain star
The Spanish clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid are racing to consolidate the ranks in the new season, as well as settling some transfers and the file of the late players.

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Real Madrid is heading to reject the Paris Saint-Germain star

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Real Madrid are going to refuse to sign German Julian Draxler, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, according to the Spanish website, Defense Central.

The Spanish website said: Zinedine Zidane, the coach of Real Madrid, is not inclined to include Draxler, especially that his way of playing does not fit the royal team's plan, especially as Draxler plays as an attacking midfielder or a pivotal playmaker at the center of 10, while Zidane depends on a method 4-3-3.

Real Madrid's Luka Jovi couple and Mariano Díaz players continued to be absent. Because of the injury, for group exercises.

Ajax superstar awaits the Barcelona show

Sergio d'Est, right back of the Dutch club Ajax, is awaiting an official offer from Barcelona to win his services in the new season.

The Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" revealed that Dest had rejected an offer to leave for Bayern Munich, after he had received assurances that Barcelona wanted to sign him next season, especially that Barca was suffering from a crisis in the right back.

On the other hand, the French "le 10 sport" website confirmed that defender Samuel Umtiti does not want to leave Barcelona, ​​which represents a severe crisis in the scenes and corridors of the Catalan team.

The site indicated that Umtiti refused to include his name in the transfer deal for Lautaro Martinez, Inter Milan's star, or the return of the Brazilian Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain, or the signing of Miralem Pjanic, Juventus midfielder.

On the other hand, Barcelona's defender Jean-Claire Todibo announced to Schalke 04 that he wanted to stay with Schalke if Barcelona refused to return, which he stressed in statements to "Bild" newspaper.

Manchester City asks Bayern to raise Sani's offer

Manchester City has demanded the management of Bayern Munich, Germany, to raise the financial offer to sign Leroy Sane, the "Citizen" star, whose name has been associated with the Bavarian team.

Bayern officials made a bid of 35 million pounds, which was rejected by Manchester City, which set the player's price at 80 million euros.

Juventus intensifies its moves to annex Simido

Portuguese star Nelson Simedo, right back Barcelona, has joined the Juventus club.

The Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" revealed that Simido entered Juventus' interests to move to him in the new season, based on the nomination of coach Mauricio Sari, the coach of the old woman.

She indicated that Simedo wanted to leave for Manchester City, but the player might change his position and agree to Juventus' offer.

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