Beware before Murder hornet.. simple household means to get rid of it
Hornets are nearing the end of their life this year, as they will die in late summer and only the newly hatched queens will pass through next winter. But how can these hostile insects be eliminated in simple ways? What is its importance for nature?

asian hornet, giant hornet, murder hornet
The good news is that the annoying hornet season is coming to an end, but hey, the thing is that in this period it becomes more hostile, in a way that it becomes difficult to enjoy a quiet day or a relaxing meal in the garden or park, as the smell of food attracts these insects that Fear something. Violence is not a permanent solution, as killing it affects the environmental balance in nature.

For this reason, German law imposes a fine that could reach a maximum of 65,000 euros in some states to murder some types of hornets, and the fine varies from one German state to another. Some types of wasps such as a wasp or a wasp with a round head have special protection (according to Article 44, Paragraph 1, No. 1 and 3 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Nature.

While the wasps struggled to collect protein only for their larvae in the early summer, they begin to search for sugar during this period, and for this they are attracted immediately to the foods on the table and to the drinks annoyingly.

Therefore, the Environmental Protection and Nature Association in Germany advises not to be tempted by wasps with sweet foods and drinks in parks and gardens, and heavily scented body care products should be avoided, as they automatically attract wasps.

asian hornet, giant hornet, murder hornet, wasp, deadly hornet
And if the wasps congregate on your dining table, you must keep calm. Hand-waving can backfire, says Magnus Wessel, an expert with the German Environmental Protection Association and Nature, warning even of blowing the wasp. And it shows that showing fear can be a problem because these insects sense this and make the scent of fear sweat on alert and hostile.

But what can we do to drive out these annoying wasps without being subjected to the laws of nature or fines of the law? Here are these simple methods that require only simple ingredients found in every home.

Often, too, the strategy of putting some food away from the table has proven successful, for example the wasps love grapes a lot, and some fruits can also be cut and placed at a distance from the dining table, where unwanted visitors settle there and not on your dining table. In the long run, this strategy can make insects always fly on their own to where food is provided.

asian hornet, giant hornet, murder hornet, wasp, deadly hornet
If you see the cost and effort of repeating this process, you have to trick the coffee powder, which can be summarized by placing a little coffee powder in a heat-resistant container such as an ashtray and igniting it. Smoke will emit from the burning powder for a long time, and it will smell bad but keep the wasps away.

As for the presence of a nest of wasps in your garden, the matter takes on other dimensions. If you feel the danger, the nest must be removed by a specialist, as insects do not usually leave their nest in succession of years. When she dies in the winter, the queens return the same nest the following year. However, the winter period is well suited to uprooting empty nests of wasps.

In Germany there are two main types of wasps, the common type and the German type. Wasps are very important in maintaining the ecological balance, as they live in prey on many harmful insects such as moths and plant lice, and also contribute to pollinating flowers and are eventually a delicacy for wild birds.

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