Coronavirus "eludes" in northeastern China
Corona virus "eludes" in northeastern China
A prominent Chinese doctor said that the emerging coronavirus virus behaves differently in patients in northeast China, who have been infected recently, compared to previous cases, indicating that it is changing as it spreads.

Spotted China , which dominated largely on the spread of the virus, new groups of cases of infection in the provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang in northeast pillars, the country over the past few weeks, raising fears of the country 's vulnerability to a second wave of the outbreak.

Qiu Haibo, an expert in critical care medicine and a member of an expert group of the National Health Commission, said that the incubation period of the virus in patients in the northeastern country was longer compared to patients in central China's Wuhan city , which saw late last year the first outbreak of the virus.

He added Qiu told China Central Television during a program broadcast on Tuesday evening: "causing this problem because they do not suffer any symptoms. So when they meet with their families are not cautious and seeing groups of cases of infection in captivity , "
He added that the patients in the affected groups in the northeast of the country They remain HIV-positive for longer than previous cases recorded in Wuhan, and recovery takes longer.

He added that the patients of the north-east do not suffer from fever except rarely and often suffer damage to the lungs and not to many parts of the body.

He pointed out that the virus that was detected in the northeastern infection groups probably came from outside the country, which may be the reason for the differences.

He did not specify where he thought he came from, but the provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang are on Russia's borders. China recorded five new cases of coronavirus, on Wednesday, down from six the previous day.

The National Health Committee said in a statement that among the new cases were four local cases and one for a person who had returned to the country from abroad, compared to three cases received the day before.

The total number of HIV cases in China so far reached 82,965 people, while the deaths remained unchanged at 4,634 cases.

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