German talent on the radar of the Blaugrana.. Juventus is courting Neymar
German talent on the radar of the Blaugrana .. Juventus is courting Neymar
Talk of signing new deals is still dominating the interests of the major European clubs next season.

Signs of a mutual deal between Real Madrid and Arsenal

A mutual deal is looming on the horizon between Real Madrid and Arsenal in next season.
And the British newspaper (The Sun) confirmed that Real Madrid wants to include Arsenal's Pierre Gabriel Pierre Emeric Obamyang in the new season, which seems possible in light of the Gunners' desire to sign Real Madrid star Luka Jovic.
The newspaper pointed out that Arsenal are competing with the Italian clubs AC Milan and Napoli to win the services of Jovic in the coming season, especially with coach Michael Arteta, the coach of the Janners, convinced the level and capabilities of the striker of the Royal team.

German talent on the radar of Barcelona

Barcelona is looking for a contract with a talented German player to strengthen its ranks next season, according to the German (Sport 1) network.
The German network confirmed that Barcelona has expressed interest in signing Bayer Leverkusen star Kai Haveritz in the new season, specifically Frenchman Eric Abidal, technical secretary for the Barca administration.

She pointed out that Barcelona followed the player’s performance recently and expressed interest in contracting him in the coming period, after the nomination of Abidal, in light of the administration’s desire to include a new midfielder.

And Italian press reports revealed that Barcelona is considering dispensing 4 players to sign the duo of Lautaro Martinez, Inter of Italy, and Miralem Pjanic, Juventus's star.
(Ray Sport) pointed out that Barcelona is seeking a contract with Laotaro, and the duo Artur Vidal and Jean-Claire Todibo will be included in the deal, and the Pjanic deal may include the transfer of Samuel Umtetti and Ivan Rakitic to Juventus.

Juventus courts Neymar

Spanish newspaper (Mundo Deportivo) revealed the possibility of the Brazilian Neymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, to enter the accounts of the Italian Juventus team in the new season.

The Spanish newspaper confirmed that Juventus may be able to buy Neymar through the transfer of Paulo Dybala to PSG in the new season, which makes the possibility of contracting Neymar existing.
At a time when a report published by the website (LE 10 SPORT) confirmed that the annual salary of Uruguayan star Edinson Cavani, striker of Paris Saint-Germain, will keep him from moving to Inter Milan.
The French report indicated that Cavani receives an annual salary of 14 million euros with Paris Saint-Germain, which threatens his move to Inter, who wants to reduce the annual salary.
Cavani was on the verge of leaving for the Spanish club Atletico Madrid last January, but negotiations reached a failure in the end with Paris Saint-Germain stuck to the survival of the player until the end of his contract.

Borussia Dortmund sets the price of Halland Prussia Dortmund has set the price

for Norwegian striker Erling Halland, who has received several offers to leave.

Spanish press reports confirmed that Dortmund will not agree to the departure of Halland with less than 150 million euros, in light of the interest of the largest European clubs in contracting with him, headed by Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the two Spanish giants, alongside Juventus.

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