Have bats caused our pandemic?.. Environment expert resolving the controversy
Have bats caused our pandemic?.. Environment expert resolving the controversy
A conservationist said that bats face the possibility of being in danger in the long run, due to unconfirmed theories published on the Internet as a reason for the spread of the Corona virus around the world.

There are misplaced fears about the role of these creatures in the outbreak of the Coronavirus , because of the false posts on social networks, said Visa Worldwide, of the Bat Protection Society in Britain.

In some places, they executed bats, including endangered species, because of what they heard about the role of these bats in transmitting the disease, and this fear is misplaced.

In the UK, bats are a protected species and there are hundreds of thousands of these winged mammals across the country.

While the Corona virus is believed to have originated in Wuhan, China, most scientists say it has probably passed from bats to humans via an intermediate animal, such as pangolin, or the armadillo-like scaly eater.

The Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, which was closed after being suspected of being linked to the first cases of the Coronavirus, is a source of the outbreak around the world, but it has not yet been definitively proven.

Earlier this month, well-informed sources in the British government told Sky News that Britain believed it was very likely that the Coronavirus had originally passed from animals to humans naturally.

The sources pointed out that the possibility that the virus had accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan is irrefutable, but it is possible.

It is not the bats that caused this epidemic, but humans - it's the way we treat our environment, it's the way we manipulate our environment, it's the way we mix wildlife with other animals that will not happen naturally except through the trade of life, she said. Wildlife, and through wildlife markets - these are conditions that provide fertile ground for outbreaks.

Likewise, the destruction of natural forests for animal production has played a major role, because the spread of the epidemic is inherently human activity. We must not blame wildlife but rather have to protect our natural heritage and take care of our environment much more than we do today.

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