How to get rid of the elbows or sagging hands through exercise?
How to get rid of the elbows or sagging hands through exercise?
How can we get rid of the ulnars? A question that many people, especially those with extra pounds, are pressing for the psychological problems and embarrassment caused by the ulnar and the flabby, but it is simple because exercising will help you easily overcome this crisis.

Many people, especially women, want to get rid of the elbows and sagging hands, because the fat is concentrated in this area greatly, which causes them embarrassment and lack of self-confidence, especially as it makes the body shape inconsistent with each other, so many of them resort to following harsh diets and have to store Plastic surgery to rinse these extra fats, but the results are not always feasible.

Despite the many benefits of exercise in getting rid of and triggering, few people resort to it either because of their laziness or lack of knowledge of the true value of sport.

What is ulna?

It is an area found in the hands, specifically from the divider and up to the highest area in the arms, for many reasons, fat accumulates in this region, causing it to sag.

Causes of large ulnar

There are many factors that cause the ulnar to grow, the most important of which are:
Rapid weight loss with a harsh diet that makes fats melt in one area and accumulate in others.

  • Attention to conducting abdominal liposuction or reducing its size in any way that works to coordinate the shape of the abdomen and the emergence of the trigger and the appearance of sagging hands and the difficulty of getting rid of the ulnar later.
  • Lack of fibers in the body.
  • Age increases the elasticity of the skin and its increased sagging.
  • Often family inheritance is the cause.
  • Sitting incorrectly on the desk for extended periods of time causes sagging skin to appear in multiple areas of the body.
  • obesity.
  • Eat hearty meals.
  • Lack of exercise.

How can we get rid of the ulnar and sagging hands?

How can we get rid of the ulnar and sagging hands?

  • Eat a diet and avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats.
  • Eat more foods that contain natural fibers, trans fats, fruits and vegetables.
  • Replace obesity with olive oil.
  • Eat foods that contain very few calories.
  • Drink water regularly, preferably at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Exercise disposal exercises

Regular exercise helps in getting rid of the ankles and coordinating the body shape, and the most important of these exercises are:

  1. Squeeze exercise: It is by meeting your abdomen on the ground with your entire body, then lifting your entire body from the ground based on your hands, then trying to go down to the ground and go back again and repeat the exercise 15 times daily.
  2. Mindfulness exercise: This exercise helps to tighten all the muscles in the body. You will only need a hanging pipe and you will try to hold it and tighten your entire body with your two hands, then go to the starting position and repeat the process.
  3. Lifting tics: This exercise requires two plastic bottles of water, you will raise the two bottles with the arms bent so that the two bottles are equal, then you raise them to the top and go down again with repetition.
  4. Raise the arms: Stand straight, then bend your knees forward, and then raise your arms up, then down and repeat this exercise about 10 times.
  5. Squat exercise: You sit in this exercise in a squat position and hold in your hands both small ball and attached to your chest and stand up and spread both arms forward while pushing the ball to be facing the chest area. The exercise is repeated about 15 times, and the ulnar can be removed by maintaining it.

Slimming arms without muscles

Many want to slim their arm and get rid of the sagging in it without the need to build strong muscles, just want to reach the arm in a manner compatible with the rest of their body and exercises that help in this:
Slimming arms without muscles

  • Strasbourg exercise: In this exercise, you will need a chair to place behind you and stand in front of him about two steps, put your hands on the chair, and try to raise your body until the rear area is equal to the height of the chair and then go down again, and before approaching the ground repeat the exercise again.
  • Exercise dearly: This exercise greatly helps to slim down and completely dispose of the elbows, and you can practice this exercise by placing your hands on your hands on the ground, and keeping your hands and elbows in a straight line and tightening the farmers and stay in this position for a minute and can start with 40 seconds and graduate to Reaching a minute, and repeating the exercise on a daily basis.
  • Blood plz exercise: standing up straight with the hips tight and leaving the knees slightly relaxed, holding two dumbbells (the smallest weight) in both hands, moving the hands inward in a circular way and repeating the exercise about 10 times then changing directions and repetition also 10 times, and the method can be changed Exercise by moving the arms down and turning the elbows out, i.e. facing the chest and repeating the exercise 10 times.

Clapping exercises to slim the ankles

The applause exercise helps get rid of the elbows and get rid of the sagging shape in the arms in a very simple way, by standing upright and extending the arms forward and clapping forward and backward. The number of exercises should not be less than 50 times per day and you can increase the number of times to 100 times.

Slimming the logs by laser

Many people think of resorting to plastic surgery to solve any problem that they encounter. One of the most common problems that owners resort to laser operations is liposuction, skin tightening and flabby areas of the body with laser, but do the ulnar areas fall within the areas that the laser can dry up? Of course, the laser can rid anyone of the nagging trigger, in small or large quantities.

The process of eliminating the ulnar laser is considered one of the simple operations that depend on local anesthesia, then the doctor makes a surgical incision from the underarm area and the incision is about 5 mm, then the doctor rinses the fat with the laser, and this process always follows the skin tightening process to maintain the consistency of its shape As before, at the end of the operation, the doctor closes the incision and applies bandages to the wound area.

Now you do not need to feel embarrassed and annoyed if you suffer from the problem of ulnar and sagging hands, you have a lot of solutions to help you get rid of this crisis simply.

Note: This article contains medical advice, although these tips were written by specialists and are safe and not harmful to use for most ordinary people, but they are not considered a substitute for your personal doctor's advice. Use it at your own risk.

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