How to make cucumber soap for the freshness of the skin with materials available at home?
How to make cucumber soap for the freshness of the skin with materials available at home?
Cucumber soap is one of the most popular types of natural soaps that are prepared at home easily, and it addresses many skin problems such as dehydration and acne, as well as dark spots that appear around the mouth and dark circles around the eyes and other skin problems.

Natural Cucumber Soap Madam Now you can make it easily at home without using any chemicals so as not to affect the freshness of the skin or skin in general, as this soap is versatile; It can be used to remove impurities and accumulated dust on the surface of the skin, eliminate white streaks and even lighten the color of the skin.

So let us present to you in detail the method of preparing cucumber soap with natural ingredients available at home instead of resorting to ready-made soaps that affect the freshness of the skin, from In simple and very easy steps, we review them with you in the following lines, so follow us.

How to make cucumber soap and rose water

Now you can, dear woman, prepare various skin and body care needs in your home without having to pay any exorbitant sums of money in order to obtain satisfactory results, and soap is a choice on top of those requirements that help increase the freshness of the skin and get rid of the layers of dust that accumulate after Spend a hard day outside the home, and even mitigate the effect of harmful sunlight, by implementing the following steps carefully to get the best results, as follows:

  • A piece of laurel soap.
  • A piece of milk soap.
  • Drops of your favorite essential oil, madam.
  • Two fruits of fresh cucumber.
  • A quarter cup of rose water.
  • A quarter cup of almond oil.
  • Two tablespoons of powdered milk.

How to prepare

pieces of ready-made soap are taken and put in an iron grater
Initially, the pieces of ready-made soap are taken and put in an iron grater until we get small pieces where they are left in a bowl with a small amount of warm water.

Meanwhile, the cucumber fruit is cut into small slices and placed in the food processor where it is beaten several times in a row and then placed In a narrow colander until we obtain a somewhat liquid mixture, where it is placed in a deep bowl and add to it the amount of rose water and almond oil, as well as powdered milk and stir well until the ingredients are mixed.

And then mix the amount of soap with that mixture and put on the fire with continuous stirring until we get a consistency Somewhat dense where We put one or two drops of essential oil, so that it does not affect the skin, and here we prepare silicone molds or metal molds and pour the mixture with them where they are placed in a cool place for five hours or more until they cool completely.

Then they are used with ease by placing them in the hands With a little water until we obtain a thick foam and leave it on the face for a quarter of an hour or ten minutes until that foam penetrates into the pores and later rinse the face with lukewarm water and my lady enjoys the amazing results.

Cucumber soap and parsley

Cucumber soap and parsley
As for the method of preparing cucumber soap and parsley, it does not differ much from the previous method except with a few simple steps, as parsley helps to double the volume of benefit that circulates on the skin such as deep hydration and stimulating the production of natural collagen in the skin cells while providing a number of antioxidants that make the skin permanent You enjoy permanent youth like vitamin C, and in order to be manufactured, madam must bring the following ingredients:

  1. Bunch of parsley.
  2. Two fruits of choice.
  3. Half a cup of rose water.
  4. Two spoons of white honey.
  5. Two spoons of powdered milk.
  6. A large piece of laurel soap.

How to prepare

We first wash the package of parsley well and cut it into small parts, then put it in the food processor with the amount of rose water until we get a homogeneous mixture and filter it well until we get rid of impurities.

And we mix the mixture with white honey and milk powder and we cut the soap into small portions by the grater Mix the ingredients together and add a quarter cup of water or less and then put on the fire and leave for half an hour until the soap dissolves and all ingredients are mixed, where they are placed in ready-made molds and left until completely cooled, and later they are used on a daily basis it is suitable for all skin types.

Cucumber Soap for Oily Skin

As for the benefits of soapy cucumber for oily skin, it is of course countless in terms of increasing softness, hydration and relieving puffiness around the eyes, thanks to its inclusion of ascorbic acid, which reduces water pool, as well as uniformity of skin color and brightening of dark areas due to the availability of a number of natural components such as Dried milk and white honey, as well as almond oil.

Are also considered one of the natural methods that many women depend on to reduce skin infections caused by sunlight, as the cucumber contains some astringents that help close the pores and therefore help women with Fatty times get rid of the annoying pimple problem that appears permanently due to hormonal changes or due to exposure to various external influences such as dust and dust that remain accumulated on the surface of the skin and penetrate the pores.

And therefore we find many global movie stars depend on that natural soap in order to enhance the ability of the skin To produce collagen and maintain freshness on an ongoing basis.

Cucumber soap for acne

Likewise, the cucumber soap helps dry out acne that appears on the skin, whether during adolescence or before menstruation, as it appears as red spots on the surface of the skin that remain for several days or several weeks and even up to months.

But that soap works to get rid of the effects Grains by placing the foam for that soap on the site of the blister or grains for five minutes twice a day and then rinsing with lukewarm water to obtain the best results, as well as treatment of other skin problems represented by cellulite that appears in the abdominal area after birth or weight loss where rinsing That logic By bathing soap before and during the brief period that marks disappear dramatically as option works to increase the elasticity of the skin.

Ways to use cucumber for the skin

In the absence of being able to make cucumber soap, madam can use cucumber slices separately on the face to get immediate results by taking cucumber juice and mixing it with white honey, egg white and the type of moisturizing cream you prefer.

As the ingredients are mixed together and spread on the face for half an hour or twenty minutes Until the pores penetrate, then the face is rinsed with lukewarm water and a cubed rose ice water is passed in order to close the pores, as this step is repeated twice a week.

In the end, we will have introduced you today, Madam, the way to make the soap of cucumbers easily with various simple home recipes, various natural additions such as rose water and parsley, how to use them and their multiple benefits to the body, and oily skin that suffers from pimples and acne.

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