How to get to know Japanese cuisine food closely and what are its most famous foods?
How to get to know Japanese cuisine food closely and what are its most famous foods?
Japanese cuisine food is one of the most famous Asian and international kitchens. Japanese chefs are very proud of their culture and traditions and are keen to provide the most famous international meals with Japanese flavors and methods, in addition to the strangest meals in the world.

Japanese cuisine is one of the things that Japan is distinguished from other Asian countries and the world. They do not excel in the field of technology and industry only, but also in preparing the most delicious and exotic meals at the same time.

Japan has an ancient culture in the field of cooking, which Japanese chefs cherish, and they try to spread it professionally in All the world, and therefore one of the most important tourism activities in Japan is eating exotic Japanese meals in the famous and upscale restaurants there, in addition to cherishing the heritage and traditional flavors.

Japanese chefs excel in making new dishes on Japanese cuisine but with the same essence of cooking, and they are one of the most Epiglottis global creative with regard to exotic ingredients combined in one dish, in the following article to clarify the largest for Japanese cuisine and months Oclath, and the strangest modern dishes famous in Japan.

Information about Japanese cuisine

Information about Japanese cuisine
Japanese cuisine went through many stages before reaching its current form, and was influenced by many cultures, and the ancient Chinese culture had the greatest influence on Japanese cuisine, so this can be seen in the Japanese use of wood sticks to eat which is usually Chinese origin.

And in the sixth century AD, and influenced In Buddhism, it was forbidden to eat a lot of meat like fish, in addition to the spread of agriculture in Japan, which made its people rely heavily on agricultural products such as rice and various vegetables.

But by the ninth century AD the situation changed and the use of meat of all kinds spread in Japanese dishes, and fish had a special share of this interest, so grilled and steamed fish appeared, and soup made of different vegetables with fish or meat, and fish dishes appeared with different herbs, and the use of fish spread Pickles.

But throughout the ages there is a constant rule in Japanese cuisine, which is to reduce the use of oils and fats in general, and to this day grilled varieties (yakimono) or boiled with herbs (Atsumono) or steamed (mushimono), and fried varieties are less fried Very Japanese cuisine is considered one of the best in the world in terms of health and vegetable use.

Japanese cuisine habits

The tourist should not forget to observe Japanese habits before eating, because the Japanese are among the most respectful of food and customs, for example: all the items presented must be eaten, it is a shame that a person prefers a type of food over the other in Japanese customs, and the whole amount must be eaten to not bring Food, and chewing food with a closed mouth, and there is nothing wrong with carrying the plate near the mouth so that the food does not fall out.

And it is forbidden to put wooden sticks perpendicular to the dish because it calls for pessimism, and before eating the word “itadakimasu” must be said and after the word “gochisosamadeshita” is finished, they are It means gratitude to everyone who participated in The food is served and cooked, and the food is highly praised and tasteful. In Japanese restaurants, a hot and wet towel is offered. This towel is used before eating to clean hands, not mouth or face, not after food.

The most famous Japanese cuisine

The most famous Japanese cuisine
The Japanese table usually consists of starchy dishes, soups, and meat or fish dishes with a few pickles. Starchy dishes can be made of bread only and are called "ban", or consisting of rice, which is the most popular dish called Gohan and served in a cone shape.

As for pasta, it has a reasonable share. It is also called "min" or "roy" and is usually served with soy sauce, which the Japanese do not overuse because it is inappropriate to pour the sauce on food in Japanese traditions, and the most famous meat dish: Suki Yaki sliced ​​beef with tofu, which is Vegetable cheese made with soy milk, various types of etc. R, dish Ramen component of pasta with gravy soup and chicken strips with algae, green onions, corn and eggs.

And the tempura dish consisting of pieces of fish and fried shrimp in oil after adding a mixture of eggs, flour and water, and the famous sushi dish, which consists of multiple pieces of raw fish such as squid, tuna and other very useful fish, usually served with rice and pickles, and a sashimi dish made of Fish slices and soy sauce, kaiseki ryori dish consisting of fish.

Vegetables and mushrooms with seaweed and distinctive traditional spices, and shabu shabu dish made from boiled beef chips for a short period with the sauce, and in Japanese festivals, dishes are presented that distinguish each celebration, such as: Chimaki dish and i S Alhamo dish Siquean, and Japanese cuisine is devoid of desserts such as sweet rice cake and candy Dagache candy Oukashe.

The strangest Japanese cuisine

Japanese chefs have a well-established principle of “trying everything in one go”, at first glance it may look disgusting and inconsistent, but the connoisseur is usually amazed at the splendor of food, its flavor and its distinctive taste, and in the following points a group of the strangest modern Japanese dishes that seem at first glance disgusting Quite a lot, but it is really a distinctive masterpiece.

Carrie Donatsu

It is a fried donut stuffed with curry mixture, and was at the origin of an Indian meal, but now it has become one of the most popular Japanese meals as a cheap dessert, some Japanese companies or bakeries add chocolate to it to become a strange mixture of chocolate and karen and sometimes served with crunchy bread.

Dancing squid dish in Japanese cuisine

Dancing squid dish in Japanese cuisine
This dish is served in fine Japanese restaurants, it is a component of fresh squid caught in a recent period, and served with soy sauce, the salt in the sauce affects the peripheral tissues in the squid, which creates electrical charges that make the ends of the muscle squid move, to appear as live and dance in Dish, served with rice, shiso leaves and salmon.

Shiro Yu Platter

Shiro Yu is a type of fish, in English called Ice goby, and in Arabic a goby fish, which is a type of very small and transparent fish caught on some Japanese islands, some chefs offer these fish with vinegar and egg mixture, either raw or cooked according to the customer's wish, and they are said to be She dances in the mouth when eating it, some swallow it directly instead of chewing it, some other chefs put it on the rice, or use it frozen, and in any case Shiro Yu is one of the most adventurous dishes for new tourists.

Wasps and bees

For most peoples, wasps and bees are annoying insects, but in Japan they are used to make the strangest dishes of modern Japanese cuisine, which tourists crave for their exciting experience. For some, wasps or bees are snacks, but for others they are considered a staple, and the emperor is known The former Japanese Hirohito, he was dependent on wasps and rice for his meals, large wasps that are present in Japan are frequently used to make exotic appetizer dishes from insects, or used to make soups and broths, or are added to alcohol to make juice from paints wasps Pass, as they are sometimes sold as a dessert in stores.

Watermelon box

In Japan only, you can buy square watermelon fruit, because they prefer it in this way so that it can be transported instead of the traditional watermelon that takes up more space when transporting and storing, since the fruit is placed in molds when planted to form a square in a certain size, and square watermelon is considered one of the most expensive types Fruits in the world for their distinctive shape and taste.

Exotic ice cream flavors are among the most famous landmarks of Japanese cuisine

Exotic ice cream flavors are among the most famous landmarks of Japanese cuisine
In Japan, we can taste very exotic types of ice cream, in Tokyo Namco Namja Town is the most famous place to sell exotic iced products such as tulip flavor, horse meat, soy sauce, squid, oyster flavor, shark and beer, and in Saitama Prefecture, a day of ice cream is celebrated on the ninth From May each year, to display 100 new types of ice creams like crab, octopus, eel and other very exotic flavors, and some who have tried many flavors, they said that the flavor of ice cream usually contains garlic or almonds.

The turtle's dish

One of the strangest dishes of the Japanese cuisine is the tortoise dish, but not all turtles are used, but it is intended for human consumption and is raised on private farms, the head of the turtle is cut while alive, and then the rest of the parts are cut and cooked with soup and vegetables, or with the addition of other seafood, This dish is sold on the countryside of Japan for a cheap price, and is offered to tourists who like to experience fine dining.

Japanese cuisine is full of passion and various exotic flavors, and it is one of the most important tourism activities in Japan for tourists who want to try the new taste, and the Japanese people have long-standing customs and traditions regarding food and respect, and Japanese cuisine is one of the best kitchens that provide healthy and useful meals, most of them grilled fish and vegetables Or steamed.

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