Through electrical stimulation.. Scientists develop a new technology that enables the blind to "see" (video)

In a new scientific breakthrough, scientists were able to help the blind to “see” by drawing symbols directly on their brains using a new electrical stimulation method, according to the “techtimes” website.

Baylor and University of California researchers designed a new method that allows them to draw symbols, shapes, and letters directly on people's brains using electrical stimulation.

In their research, blind persons who had completely lost their sense of vision were able to perceive the shapes depicted in their brains as “scenes”, and they said that using electricity to stimulate the electrodes in the visual cortex in the back of the brain could go beyond the human eye and the optic nerve.

They added that blind people can now see with the help of electrical stimulation designed to draw shapes, symbols and letters, directly on the brain.

The researchers concluded that small spots of light from electrical stimulation of the visual cortex can combine in a coherent perception of visible shapes, just like video screen pixels.

Scientists have likened this process to being like writing something on the back of a person with a finger, and then allowing the shape or message to be written by that person to be identified.

This method will light the electrodes sequentially so that the recipient can easily determine the shape that is being transferred, instead of forcing all electrodes at the same time to send the information in the way of shapes, symbols, or letters.

Two blind people and 4 other blind people shared the vision of a brain transplant, and the participants regularly looked at the appropriate form with accuracy ranging from 80% to 93%, and most individuals were able to answer up to 86 correct answers per minute.

With this technology, a complete revolution in the accessibility of information for the blind can be achieved with this rapid level of information provision.

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